Monday, December 06, 2004


Ohio vote now official

Ohio's Secretary of State and head of the Bush campaign committee in Ohio, Kenneth Blackwell, certified today that Bush beat Kerry by 119,000 votes. The certification was important because the recount couldn't begin until the vote was "certified." Now with a little luck, we may be able to find out what the real count was.

I love the quote from Keith Cunningham, "vice president of the state election boards association." According to ABC News—

Keith Cunningham ... bristled at suggestions that the election was plagued by fraud or widespread error.

"To actually assert that elections officials in Ohio have intentionally done something is beyond insulting," he said Monday. "I know election officials all over the state it's just fantasy run wild." [See "How the Republicans handle a disputed election"]

Looking to do a "study" of the election,

The Democratic Party also said Monday it will examine reports of voting problems in Ohio.

Outgoing Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe said the party will spend "whatever it takes" to study complaints from Ohio voters.

McAuliffe said the study will be conducted by nonpartisan experts to be announced later, with a report issued in the spring that recommends reforms to prevent such problems in the future.

That's all well and good. But we actually need Bush out of office now.

The White House is suggesting that we should all just move along. Nothing to see here, folks. Just the wreck of democracy.

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