Thursday, December 30, 2004


Right prescription, wrong religion?

A new study by Rand Corporation is out—"US Strategy in the Muslim World After 9/11." Who knows how much they were paid by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Air and Space Operations of the US Air Force to elaborate on a divide-and-conquer strategy against Muslims, but I'm sure it was worth every penny of it. provides some excerpts of the study—
The Rand Study also called for madressah and mosques reforms in the Muslim world and suggested that US should "support the efforts of governments and moderate Muslim organizations to ensure that mosques, and the social services affiliated with them, serve their communities and do not serve as platforms for the spread of radical ideologies." The study even suggested that there should be government appointed and paid professional imams in all mosques to suppress anti-Western and anti-American feelings. [emphasis added]
Now, about Pat Robertson ...

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