Thursday, December 09, 2004


A very odd headline

The Associated Press ran a short little story on a recent Quinnipiac poll. The headline was Poll: Fla. voters had no voting problems.

I was almost as surprised as when they told me Bush had won the election, so I thought I'd better read it—

While 75 percent of voters described themselves as "very confident" or "somewhat confident" their vote was correctly counted, the degree of satisfaction varied between winners and losers, according to assistant poll director Clay Richards.

He said 95 percent of the Republicans quizzed said they were very or somewhat confident in the result, compared with only 58 percent of Democrats.

"The fact that three out of four voters were very or somewhat confident their vote was counted (last month) shows a lot has changed in four years," Richards said.

The fact that better than 4 out of 10 Democrats weren't confident that their vote was correctly counted seems to me to be the news here. What hasn't changed in four years is the press's willingness to cover up a flawed election.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just keep moving.

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