Wednesday, December 01, 2004


What if Cheney gives out?

[Blogger is acting up today. It's hard to get anything posted.]

Cheney continues to have heart problems. He's had three heart attacks and has received a quadruple bypass, an arterial stent and a pacemaker—and those are just the physical problems. Is it coincidence that the man who has no heart has no heart?

James Ridgway of the Village Voice wonders what will happen if Cheney gives out. The mechanics are simple—

[T]he president would appoint a new veep, subject to congressional approval.

Ridgway notes that that situation arose twice during the Nixon years.

But what writer can forego the pleasures of speculation? Ridgway offers four candidates for the Office of Vice President—

Bill Frist, current Senate majority leader
Marc Racicot, recently deposed Governor of Montana
Arnold Schwarzenegger (can't be!)
Don Nickles, Senator from Oklahoma (the so-called "sane" one)

My picks? Newt Gingrich or Tom DeLay. Someone as nasty as Dick Cheney would be hard to replace. Gingrich or DeLay should do the trick.

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