Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Jerry Springer hits the airwaves

Jerry Springer launched his liberal talk radio show in Cincinnati on Monday. It's a 3-hour call-in deal. According to WCPO.com,
Springer promised to provide unabashed liberal views to counter the positions of President Bush in the first airing Monday of his radio show in Cincinnati, where he once served as mayor.

Springer, who will continue to host his TV show, called the war in Iraq immoral, saying it appeared to be focused on determining whether Iraq's Shiite majority or Sunni minority will be in charge as the country tries to grow into independence.

"Would you be willing to have your son or daughter die for that?" Springer said. "If you are not, why in God's name is it OK to support this war when you're sending someone else's son or daughter to die?"

There's talk that he's considering running for governor of Ohio, which might pit him against Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell. Now that would be a race to watch!

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