Saturday, January 15, 2005


A little getaway for dykes in Wales

Llanddewi Brefi. No, the cat didn't jump on my keyboard. That's the name of a Welsh village made famous by a British comedy show. The London Times reports
... while the remote Welsh village is now famous as the home of Little Britain’s fictional gay man Daffyd, it is a haven for gay women in real life.

Each year lesbians are said to dance naked on the surrounding hills and until recently there was a women-only commune three miles away whose inhabitants were rumoured to be armed.

But it is not just Llanddewi Brefi’s gay women that make it interesting. The largest LSD bust in British history took place a few miles away and more recently a pair of topless models from a tabloid newspaper were spotted frolicking on the village’s outskirts.

How the media like to blow matters out of all proportion! I once had a friend from Wales. He was a Druid, which is quite common there. I suspect this is nothing more than a simple religious festival.

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