Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Prove me wrong, Barbara!

There is a rumor going about that Senator Barbara Boxer has agreed to challenge the election result IF Rep. Tubbs-Jones does so and IF Rep. Tubbs-Jones asks her to. The very formulation of the proposition makes me extremely dubious.

William Pitt of TruthOut.com writes [see "Re: Tubbs-Jones and Boxer"],

After a series of telephone calls, the aforementioned story regarding Tubbs-Jones and Boxer stands just about where you'd figure. Senator Boxer is definitely considering offering a challenge to the Electors. If she actually decides to do so, however, she won't break cover until Thursday. That is, frankly, wise. To do otherwise would be calling down the thunder on herself and her staffers.

I couldn't get anyone to go on the record to confirm Lytel's statement that Rep. Tubbs-Jones can get Boxer to stand up just by asking her to do so. At the end of things here, Lytel's claim last night (which I am told he has repeated to a number of other blogs) is just going to hang out there in space until it is proven true or false.

Nevertheless, hope springs eternal and I will grasp at any straw. If we can get an election challenge, the media, both national and international, will be forced to take a long, hard look at this election—perhaps the longest, hardest look an election has ever had.

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