Friday, February 25, 2005


DSCC refrains from using the "G" word

I just got an email from Anne Lewis of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (nothing personal, mind you) soliciting my money to help them overcome "the Republican propaganda machine."

Her email cites the two bloggers paid by John Thune (but not the supposedly unpaid blogger and journalist intimately involved in his campaign), pundit Armstrong Williams and right-wing commentators Maggie Gallagher and Dr. Wade Horn. Not a word of Guckert/Gannon.

The DSCC website touts "A New Democratic Party"

(Feb. 10) Yesterday, thousands of you took a stand with the DSCC by answering our request to sign a petition calling on George Bush to immediately put a stop to the unwarranted, unfounded, and unfair personal attacks leveled against Harry Reid by top bosses at the RNC. I write today to tell you that you do not stand alone.

Every one of the 44 Senate Democrats has just signed a letter today demanding that George Bush "publicly halt" this "pointless and silly" name calling. This is a new Democratic Party. When they go after one of our leaders, we fight back.

They may have gotten all 44 Democratic Senators to beg George Bush to please stop beating up on poor Harry Reid, but they haven't gotten them all to sign a letter demanding an investigation of the White House press room.

There is also no mention of Guckert/Gannon in the "political news" on their site. They're simply pathetic.

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