Friday, February 18, 2005


Exorcism: "A growth industry for the pastoral care business"

Uwe Siemon-Netto, Religious Affairs Editor for United Press International (UPI), a Moonie-owned news service, warns us that—
Satanism is growing so quickly worldwide that as of next month a papal university in Rome will offer courses on this frightening phenomenon.

Why is this happening?

It is the Internet that, along with "black metal"-type rock music and its chilling lyrics, attracts the world's young to the Prince of Darkness.

Tracy Wilkinson of the LA Times gives a bit of background—

Exorcism — the use of prayer to rid a person or place of the devil or demonic spirits — has its roots in early Christianity. It fell out of a favor around the 18th century, after the Enlightenment and advances in science and modern philosophy, but has experienced a revival in the past few decades.

Yes. As the gains of the Enlightenment are lost, to be replaced by ignorance and superstition, exorcism will naturally gain ground. Who could have imagined that the 21st century would usher in another Dark Age?

Siemon-Netto offers a catalog of recent Satanic killings—

-- In Trier, Germany, birthplace of Karl Marx, the prosecutor's office has been investigating the claim of a woman that babies were being cut up and eaten in Satanist rituals.

-- In Finland a youthful pair was jailed for eating part of a fellow devil worshiper's body, abusing it sexually, then cutting it into small pieces, all to the tunes of Black Metal music - and all in a Satanist ritual.

-- In Brisbane, Australia, two young sadistic lesbians were sentenced for stabbing and slashing the throat of a 59-year old New Zealand grandmother - in a Satanist ritual.

-- In Athens, young Satanists were sentenced for stripping, cuffing, raping and slaughtering a 15-year old girl - in a Satanist initiation scene.

-- In Buenos Aires, Argentina, two young women were found guilty of killing their father and stabbing him in the face 100 times - in a Satanist family event of sorts.

-- In Donskoi, Russia, Satanists led by 80-year old Yelena Kuzina and including members as young as 20 were jailed for murders - committed in occult rituals.

-- Only recently in a forest near Milan, Italy, youngsters danced on the graves of two coreligionists they had just killed - in a Satanist ritual murder.

These examples can be continued at infinitum. "This phenomenon," a Catholic exorcist told United Press International some time ago, "is a growth industry for the pastoral care business,... [emphasis added]

And how can you recognize a Satanist? According to the AP,

Among widely accepted signs of possession by the devil are speaking in unknown tongues and physical force beyond one's natural capacity.

Beginning with Commander-in-Chief George Bush—whose speech remains indecipherable to the best of linguists—and descending through the ranks, signs of Satanic possession are everywhere. And the Satanists celebrate their ritual torture and killing, as can be seen in these color photos of the atrocities [Warning: not for the squeamish. Thanks to Buzzflash for the link.]

In her LA Times article, Tracy Wilkinson notes that—

In Italy, the number of official exorcists has soared in the past 20 years to between 300 and 400, church officials say.... In the United States, the shortage is more acute.

That, I think, is self-evident.

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