Saturday, March 19, 2005


White House planning a pardon-fest

No, that is not a headline from the media and is not an inference they're willing to draw. But I see no reason why the public should be left scratching its head over this one.

The administration has just released the documents sought by Judicial Watch that relate to President Clinton's end-of-term pardons. According to iWon-news,

The only items not deleted from the material are the names of the person who wrote the document and the person it was sent to.

The Bush White House has argued that releasing pardon-related documents would have a chilling effect on internal discussions leading up to presidential action on such requests [emphasis added].

Judicial Watch (a Conservative group, by the way) has it all wrong—

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called it an instance of the Bush administration covering up a Clinton administration scandal.

I know that the Bushes and the Clintons have been developing rapport, possibly to the point of criminal conspiracy, but covering up Clinton administration "scandals" is not an activity that Karl Rove would sanction.

President Bush does not want his pardon options chilled by the possibility of behind-the-scenes revelations, because by the end of his term (if his term ends, let me hasten to add) there should be some serious indictments to show for all the Republicans have done for their country.

And speaking of pardon scandals, Clinton's paltry efforts to free the guilty pale by comparison with those of George H.W. Bush. There was wealthy Texan Edwin Cox, Jr., convicted of bank fraud. Not to mention six felons from the Iran-Contra scandal, which—if you exclude the Kennedy assassination—was not only the biggest government conspiracy of modern times but also the best hushed up.

One of the pardoned conspirators, Elliot Abrams, has just been appointed to head up Middle East policy on the National Security Council under the formal title of "Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director on the NSC for Southwest Asia, Near East and North African Affairs."

I love "firsts," don't you? Will Abrams be the first American to receive a Presidential pardon from two different Presidents? And will Jonathan Pollard, convicted Israeli spy serving a life term, finally be freed?

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