Friday, April 29, 2005


A bracelet for the princess

The Saudi princess Hana Al Jader who was charged earlier this month with "forced labor, visa fraud and falsifying records about her two domestic servant" was released on $1 million bail. But what's a million dollars to a Saudi princess?

According to J.M. Lawrence of the Boston Herald,

Federal prosecutors rushed into court with a secret motion after a slew of packing boxes and the giant crate appeared in Hana Al Jader's yard on Cambridge Street in Winchester last week....

An agent claimed one of Al Jader's five sons told a delivery man the family was moving, according to a source.

But Al Jader's attorney James Michael Merberg convinced federal magistrate Joyce London Alexander that the boxes and crate are part of the princess' import-export business known as H & A International Inc. of Medford.

So the judge declined to revoke her bail but ordered her to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet instead. Nice try, Hana.

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