Monday, April 18, 2005



Chris Floyd, a columnist for the Moscow Times, has been outdoing himself lately. His most recent column opens,
One thing we can all admire about U.S. President George W. Bush is his consistency. From the day he hornswoggled his way into office, Bush has relentlessly -- if not robotically -- followed a preset hard-right agenda of crankery and cruelty, empowering ignorance, greed, aggression, deceit, corruption and malice with every appointment and policy decision. In fact, his dogged adherence to this wicked creed is so predictable that you can practically write tomorrow's news stories today. So why wait? Let's bend an ear to some echoes from the future:

Floyd then offers three future news stories. Two involve the heretofore unknown organizations of CHIMP, the "Center for Human Intelligence and Moral Purpose" and MESS, the United States' "Middle East Security Service." A third involves the passage of TYRANT, the "Tools for Yoking Resources to Address National Threats" Act.

Don't miss it! It's all too true, and you need a laugh.

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