Friday, April 08, 2005


It's Guckert/Gannon on CSPAN2! (updated twice)

Today is the day Guckert/Gannon is to appear on the National Press Club's panel to advise them on journalism and blogging. CSPAN2 has it listed for 9:30 EST this morning. I hope I can stay awake for it. I've been up all night bedight in a mantilla trying to help George bury the Pope.
CSPAN has made an announcement that the panel will be shown at 8 pm EST. The change is not reflected so far on their website.

After the broadcast

This sorry episode was best summarized by a chubby man from the audience who began to yell "This is a fraud!" when the audience questions were cut off.

I cannot imagine what the National Press Club thought they were doing by convening this "panel." Its only news value was the appearance of Guckert/Gannon himself, who did what he does best—self-promotion and whining.

My suspicion is that self-promotion was in fact the aim of the National Press Club—by acquiring Guckert/Gannon they pretty much guaranteed themselves CSPAN coverage. If they hoped to improve the image of journalists, they failed miserably in this corner of the world.

Simply pathetic.

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