Thursday, May 19, 2005


Answer to yesterday's Trivia question

Question: Which Hollywood actor said in 2002 that George Galloway was one of the two people he would most like to kill?

That would be John Malkovich, which gives us a clue to what it's like being John Malkovich.

According to the BBC,

Malkovich is reported to have said that the Glasgow Kelvin MP, George Galloway, was one of two people he would most like to kill.

The source of Malkovich's anger appears to be Mr Galloway's condemnation of Israel's action against Palestinians and his criticism of the west's policies on Iraq.

The actor was addressing students at the Cambridge union debating society when he was asked who he would most like to "fight to the death".

Malkovich, star of movies including Dangerous Liaisons and the Killing Fields, replied: "I'd rather just shoot them."

He named Mr Galloway and The Independent newspaper's Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk.

Last month [April 2002], Mr Galloway renewed his call for people in Scotland to boycott goods from Israel in response to violence in the Middle East.


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