Monday, May 02, 2005


March 1 memo a fake

The memo I posted yesterday is being denounced as a forgery by the British Attorney General. According to the British news site,
Attorney General Lord Goldsmith today called in the police to investigate the circulation of a forged document purporting to be a memo from him to the Prime Minister.

The memo, dated just over two weeks before the start of the Iraq War in 2003, appears to show the Attorney telling Tony Blair that military action may well turn out to be illegal.

It suggests that war in Iraq could pave the way for "planned future conflicts that have been discussed, like Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia".

But Lord Goldsmith's office this afternoon denounced the document, sent to media newsdesks, as "a complete forgery".

A spokesman said: "A document has been sent to newsdesks today claiming to be a minute from the Attorney General to the Prime Minister, dated 1 March 2003.

"The document is a complete forgery and the matter has now been referred to the Metropolitan Police for investigation."

Statewatch, which has the PDF, has apparently not gotten the word yet.

I decided to check further today because, as written, it is just too explosive to be ignored—which it has been. Then there was the matter of the grammatical error that I noted in the document, which doesn't seem like the sort of thing that should be coming from the AG's office.

Nevertheless it looks good, and I think I'll just leave it up till after the May 5 election so that everyone will have a chance to see what a fraud looks like.

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