Thursday, June 23, 2005


MoveOn conducts a push poll on Iraq and cons its supporters

Before you read on, I hope you will save your limited funds to donate anywhere but to MoveOnPAC. Let George Soros pay for this one. Here's why—

In my Inbox was an email from Eli Pariser of MoveOn. The subject was "What should we do about Iraq?"

Dear MoveOn member,

Next week, President Bush is expected to give a speech in which, despite the chaos and car bombs and rising daily attacks by insurgents, he'll argue that everything is going well in Iraq and we should stay the course. It's clear that the president is out of touch with reality—as Republican Senator Chuck Hagel said, "It's like they're just making it up as they go along. The reality is that we're losing in Iraq."

We believe that it's time to stand up to him and demand that Congress begin bringing our troops home, while doing what we can to support a stable Iraq. We got into this war the wrong way, and it's time to get out the right way.

But we want to know where you stand. Should we work together in a major campaign to get Democrats and Republicans in Congress on board with a responsible exit plan? Or should we focus on other issues, either in Iraq or here at home?

We won't move forward without a mandate from you. Vote now at: [link]

Now I should have known that some skulduggery was afoot when I read the word "responsible." "Responsible" is a code word meaning "we're going to do pretty much the opposite of whatever it is you think we're saying." There was more, but I couldn't wait to go vote.

Here's what I found—

Should we work together to begin bringing the troops home, by supporting the Jones-Abercrombie resolution? (The resolution would require the president to put together a plan by the end of the year for bringing home all U.S. forces from Iraq with troop withdrawal beginning no later than October 1, 2006.)

Yes. I would support a campaign like that.

No. MoveOn should work on other priorities, or another approach to what's going on in Iraq.

This is an incredibly dishonest piece of shit! And it is a push-poll—with the ridiculous outcome that those who advocate immediate withdrawal from Iraq must vote "NO" along with those who would advocate "staying the course."

Of the 30,820 who had voted at the time I voted, not surprisingly the vote was going 83.2% Yes and 16.8% No.

Just so you'll know, the Jones-Abercrombie resolution does not require much of anything. Here's what Congressman Jones wrote to his constituents—

Dear Fellow Eastern North Carolinian,

In recent days there has been considerable press coverage on my position on America’s presence in Iraq. Despite what some media accounts have said, I want to make it crystal clear that I am NOT in favor of any immediate withdrawal nor do I support setting an end date at which time all troops must be out of Iraq.

What I do support is a public discussion of our goals and the future of our military involvement in that country. The non-binding resolution I am co-sponsoring will do no more than call on the President to set a plan and a date to begin reducing the number of troops we have in Iraq. It does not in any way, shape or form set a date certain for withdrawal. This approach should give the President the flexibility he needs to reduce our presence in a way that protects U.S. troops and allows Iraqis to pick up the fight. No one is talking about “cutting and running.”

This is thoroughly disgusting and appalling.

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