Monday, June 27, 2005


Psst!  Move over NY Times: The Whispering Campaign

I don't need to write about this. Chris Floyd, that most excellent columnist for the Moscow Times, has already explained it on his blog—
Winter Patriot has launched a brilliant new DIY activist effort: The Whispering Campaign. It's very simple. WP has set up a website with a selection of short, succinct, printer-friendly articles detailing some nugget of unexplored or underplayed truth about our times; all you have to do is print them out -- and leave them in some public place for passers-by to find and read. As WP puts it: "Ideal locations include book stores, copy shops, libraries, train stations, buses, taxis, laundromats, grocery stores, hair salons, barber shops, rest rooms, gas stations, coffee shops, truck stops... use your imagination!"
Oops! He left out bars and churches.
It's real grass-roots stuff -- in fact, it reaches all the way down to the individual blade, a personal form of activism either to supplement collective action or to let each person carve a particular path. It's also a good way of reaching people outside the seething blogosphere or the media/political world in general -- the vast majority of the population, in other words.

In short, it's a way to take information from the blogosphere and distribute it to the general public. But think of it another way, we may be creating the largest printing press on the planet. Only this time it's distributed printing. Gutenberg would be proud.

The Whispering Campaign website has prepared articles suitable for easy printing and easy reading (large type).

Of course if you handle the formatting, you can use any page from any website you like.

Which gives me another idea. What if we bloggers were to offer an option at the bottom of certain posts, such as "Click on Pssst for pamphlet format." Any thoughts?

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