Thursday, July 07, 2005


Am I scared? Yes

There are now 40 confirmed deaths in the London bombings. My sympathies are entirely for their families and for the injured.

But what frightens me is the second paragraph of "First Read," the internal NBC News document that is posted online—

Reuters reports that the European markets reeled upon hearing the news, and the Wall Street Journal says US markets are also likely to be affected today. Potential political reverberations may take awhile longer to show. In the United States, Bush may see a bump in his poll standing. At the same time, his Administration may face questions about whether the country is sufficiently prepared to stave off such an attack. Jittery lawmakers and citizens may be open to further moves, including further restrictions on visas or on personal liberties, in the name of homeland security. Democrats may have a tougher job of convincing voters that they're tough enough.
And thus the Homeland Security prison is built.

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