Friday, July 01, 2005


The G8 summit: Europeans are waking up

The G8 summit, where a group of capitalist countries gather to argue how best to divvy up the spoils, will begin this weekend in Scotland. And each year the level of protest only grows.

The Scotsman reports,

The biggest security and logistical operation in Scotland's recent history swung into action yesterday as the clock counted down to the G8 summit.

Court cases have been put off, police leave cancelled and streets cleared of debris to prevent violent protesters using it as missiles.

Businesses said they are resigned to losing out as shoppers and diners stay away from Edinburgh and Glasgow city centres over the weekend.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to pour into Scotland this weekend for a series of planned demonstrations to demand action to end world poverty.

Travel companies reported that trains, planes and buses will be running full.

The city of Craigmillar was planning to charge campers, but has given up on the idea. As a spokesman for the group G8 Alternatives said, "None of the G8 leaders are having to pay for their luxury accommodation at Gleneagles - Tony Blair won't be given a bill, so why should anyone else?"

Four Socialist Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) have been banned from the Parliament for a month and penalized a month's salary and staff maintenance for acting up. British Chancellor Gordon Brown is joining the protest. And the largest protest march ever held in Scotland is expected; the current estimate is 120,000.

Can we create a similar level of activism in the U.S.?

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