Wednesday, July 27, 2005


New Republican idea: A bounty on politicians

The Cook County (Chicago) Republican Party (CCRP) has just announced a $10,000 reward "for information that leads to the indictment and conviction of Mayor Richard Daley." Some people are sniffing at the idea. As John Chase of the Chicago Tribune tells it—
The bounty on Daley's head immediately drew disdain from the mayor's office and even some Republicans, who described it as a "stunt."

Daley has not been accused of wrongdoing in connection with the federal investigation of City Hall.

But Cook County GOP Chairman Gary Skoien defended the reward, which would go to any whistle-blower who provides information leading to the indictment and conviction of Daley for fraud related to patronage hiring or corruption.

Liberals and Democrats need to stop whining "unfair" every time the Republicans come up with a new political tactic and instead use it to their maximum advantage.

This is a wonderful idea, especially considering that—

As Skoien made the announcement, state election records showed the county Republican Party, a vastly smaller operation than its dominant Democratic counterpart, has only $3,854 in its bank account. Skoien promised the party would acquire the $10,000 if it needed to pay the reward.

I'm hereby announcing a $1,000,000 reward for information leading to the impeachment or indictment of Bush, Cheney, Rice or any other administration Republican above the level of pool typist. (No bounty on Karl Rove. He's going down anyway.)

I've only raised $100 so far, but I promise that upon a successful impeachment or indictment, raising the other $999,900 will be a piece of cake.

No. Make that $10,000,000. This is no time to cut corners.

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