Friday, July 08, 2005


The silencing of an American journalist

A comment to a post at The Ranter caught my eye—
I was the lead investigator and Senior Editor for The Jakarta Post on the Bali bombings. Shortly after my analysis was printed (signed off on by the Chief Editor and Publisher) I was sacked at the order of U.S. Ambassador Ralph Boyce for outing a CIA contract agent (Hermawan Sulystio) in connection with the bombing. The Ambassador REFUSED to answer my question - yes or no - as to U.S. involvement. My journalist visa was then cancelled and I was forced out of the country despite being married to an Indonesian national.

There it is. It is my firm belief that the CIA/MOSSAD was responsible for the bombings in London.

Let's hope that there are some good independent investigators on the ground in London.

Inquiries are welcome.

Robert S. Finnegan
Managing Editor
Southeast Asia News [edited for a typo]

I don't bring this to your attention because of Finnegan's belief that "the CIA/MOSSAD was responsible for the bombings in London" but to show the way our government is suppressing dissident voices in the foreign media.

This is in fact a stated government policy, as you will see in my post "Why isn't the press defending freedom of the press?", which was written over a year ago.

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