Saturday, August 27, 2005


And now for some really good news...

The Bush regime with their cadre of talking-heads and talk-show hosts have tried their hardest to shush the voices of the antiwar movement. They have trotted out the old Vietnam-era accusations against anyone who speaks out—" aid and comfort to the enemy," "Could they have said that under Saddam Hussein and get away with it?" "disloyal, unpatriotic and un-American," "dupes and tools of the enemy," and so forth.

Well, the public isn't buying it. CBSNews reports on a most amazing poll result—

An overwhelming number of Americans say critics of the Iraq war should be free to voice their objections — a rare example of widespread agreement about a conflict that has divided the nation along partisan lines. Nearly three weeks after a grieving California mother named Cindy Sheehan started her anti-war protest near President George W. Bush's Texas ranch, nine of 10 people surveyed in an AP-Ipsos poll say it is OK for war opponents to publicly share their concerns about the conflict.

Ninety percent. Wow. That just has to be putting some brownish coloration in the White House briefs.

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