Monday, November 28, 2005


Bittersweet Regret of the Day

Mr Singh said he would miss the $400 fee for each execution but was relieved he would not be placing the noose around Nguyen's neck. "In a way I am happy," he said. —Clare Masters writing from Singapore, the murder-by-government capital of the world

Mr. Darshan Singh was to execute on Wednesday the Australian drug runner Nguyen Tuong Van, who was caught in transit from Cambodia with just under a pound of heroin. The hangman claims the government dumped him after The Australian published his picture and identity. A spokesman for the Singapore prisons department is now denying that Singh was sacked.

According to a number of accounts, the problem of finding another executioner is that an inexperienced hangman runs the risk of decapitating the victim. The length of the rope is critical.

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