Thursday, November 03, 2005


When a sense of humor can be critical (updated)

The Scotsman reports that—
Belgian police have arrested a Flemish woman for calling her Walloon husband "lazy."

The man claimed his wife was being racist when she called him "a lazy Walloon, a slave and an inferior creature."

Many men might resort, when dealing with their consort, to the alliterated retort:

Why you Belgian beldam! You wad of Flemish phlegm!"

Sometimes that ends it; sometimes they get smacked.

6:18 pm

Speaking of getting smacked.... Husband-abuse is breaking out across Europe. A later item in the Scotsman reveals

SUN editor Rebekah Wade has been arrested for assaulting her EastEnders star husband Ross Kemp.

The 37-year-old is in police custody and Kemp, 41, who plays a hardman in the soap, is said to have a cut lip.

Ms Wade has edited the Sun, the UK's biggest-selling daily newspaper since 2003, and has campaigned against domestic violence.

And then there was the killer newspaper carrier in Tulsa, who confessed to two murders last week. More are feared.

Do you think the media can be trusted?

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