Saturday, December 10, 2005


What's with the American Left and Cindy Sheehan?

Yesterday I wrote about Cindy Sheehan's trip to Britain and also mentioned in an earlier post that her trip was coming up. From Technorati it appears that the only other blog on the Left that has mentioned her trip was (ADS), at least that you might have heard of. ADS reposted a press release from the Parliament Square Peace Campaign. Meanwhile, there are literally hundreds of blog entries critical of Sheehan and her visit to Britain posted by the Right.

Sheehan's visit to the Isles has been covered by the BBC, the Guardian, the Scotsman and at least 13 other media outlets. The AP ran a story on today's international peace conference in London that included a mention of her. It was run by Newsday and the Houston Chronicle, among others.

The lack of American media coverage is no surprise, but why is there no interest from the antiwar movement? Why have none of the three Lefty linkers that I show in the sidebar linked to any of the stories?

The War Movement has been globalized. Isn't it about time the Antiwar Movement began to think along those lines?

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