Tuesday, March 14, 2006


ID-free bus routes for Denver passengers

Remember Deborah Davis, the Denver woman who was arrested last September for refusing to show her ID while riding a public bus? The Feds decided not to prosecute in December, and Davis has been able to ride the bus unmolested ever since. But the manner in which that was achieved is a little odd.

The problem arose in the first place because several public bus routes pass through the Lakewood Federal Center. As the buses enter the property, a private security guard sometimes demands IDs of the passengers. So the solution that the Regional Transportation District (RTD) came up with was to detour around the Federal Center if the rent-a-cop showed up and if a passenger objected. Weird, huh?

It looks as if the RTD is getting a clue. They've just announced a plan to change three bus routes so that they will not enter the Federal property. These are routes with a destination beyond the property. Two routes that terminate on the property will continue unchanged and presumably may require ID checks.

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