Friday, March 24, 2006


Prayer to the Second Degree

Rob Stein of the Washington Post wrote an update on recent prayer studies. This one caught my attention—
Krucoff, a cardiologist, published a study last summer involving 748 heart patients at nine hospitals. That study failed overall to show any benefit. But Krucoff said he did find tantalizing hints that warrant follow-up: A subset of patients who had a second group of people praying that the prayers of the first group would be answered may have done better.

And I'm praying for the group that's praying for the group that's praying for the house that Jack built. Is this what they mean by a Daisy Chain?

Dr. Krucoff voiced an interesting concern over the possible danger of an effect that is not known to exist—

Krucoff and others say it is also important to study prayer as an adjunct -- not a replacement -- to standard medical care, to make sure it is safe.

Speaking of the effectiveness of prayer, here's a case that should be studied—

KATMANDU, Nepal (UPI) -- One hundred village women danced naked at the local school in hopes the gods will allow the rains to fall in a remote mountainous village in Nepal.

The Katmandu Post reported Tuesday that 100 local women gathered at a school, smeared their faces with black powder and danced naked before the Hindu god Mahadev.

"People in this area believe Mahadev will be happy and provide rain once women perform such a nude dance," said a local teacher.

Even if it doesn't rain, I'd be surprised if everyone doesn't feel better.

Which gives me an idea. Why don't we bring these women to Texas, which really could use some rain? It should be fun to watch freedom of religion in action while we prove the power of prayer.

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