Monday, April 24, 2006


Belgium approves adoption by gay couples

Belgium last week changed its laws to allow gay couples, married or not, to adopt children, related or not. Why, they're being treated just like heteros! The law was changed by a 34-33 vote of the Senate with 2 abstentions. It will take effect in December. This makes Belgium the fourth1 member of the European Union to support adoption by gay couples.

I wouldn't mention this except that it's practically a secret in the U.S. The Associated Press ran a brief story, but only the LA Times seems to have carried it.

Just as important, most stories failed to give a breakdown of the votes—as if politics doesn't really matter. So here it is, according to tê —

The coalition of the left and the greens voted for (the change), as did the majority of the senators of the Flemish right. On the opposing side you find a coalition of the French-speaking right (even those from the government majority), joined by ex–social Christians and the two parties of the extreme right. [my translation]

On an unrelated matter—If the Iraqis ever should need a model for governing a religiously and ethnically diverse country, they might want to take a look at Belgium.


1Some news articles nominate Belgium as the fifth such country because they list the UK. But while England and Wales permit gay adoptions, Scotland does not. [back]

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