Monday, April 17, 2006


Pot-on-Kettle Attack of the Day

While speaking of the President of Iran to a business group—

It's going to be difficult. It's going to be tough because they [Iranians] are led by ideologues who have a weird sense of history....

Ahmadinejad spoke to the United Nations and afterwards was quoted as saying that for the 23 minutes that he spoke, there was a halo around his head that transfixed the audience and caused them to be completely focused on his message....

This guy (Ahmadinejad) had the sense that he was mystically empowered and as a result transfixed the audience -- that is not a rational human being to deal with....

—White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, as quoted by Erwin Seba of Reuters

Speaking of halos, does anyone remember this one?


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