Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Foolish Question of the Day

Do you think if there was any real evidence, we would have reached a settlement? —Rush Limbaugh on his talk show, as quoted by Brian Skoloff

Why, yes! In fact, that seems to be precisely why Limbaugh reached a settlement. (We're talking of course about those drug charges—now reduced to a single charge—that Limbaugh has been facing.)

Let's put it another way. If there was no real evidence, do you think Limbaugh would agree to this?—

Under the deal filed Monday, Limbaugh cannot own a gun, must submit to random drug tests and has to continue treatment for his acknowledged addiction to painkillers....

The deal also requires that Limbaugh be available to a court officer for questioning throughout the 18-month period.

If the charge is false, what does this say about Limbaugh? After all, it isn't that he doesn't have the money to fight the charge—a position most of us would be in. And fighting a false charge would seem to be the honorable, ethical, even patriotic course to take. But maybe that's not Rush.

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