Friday, May 19, 2006


Homonym of the Day

I love homonyms—words with identical pronunciations but different spellings—to, two, and too, for instance—little traps sprinkled about the English language.

Last night the PBS NewHour offered an utterly disgusting pretense of "analyzing" soon-to-be CIA director Michael Hayden's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Jim Lehrer had David Ignatius of the Washington Post and Mark Lowenthal, formerly of the Senate Intelligence Committee, conduct the post-mortem.

This morning I checked the transcript to see if it was as bad as I'd thought or if a moment of sobriety had distorted my senses.

Nope. It really was boring, incoherent and a transparent whitewash.

But the transcriber captured a bit of truthiness with a homonym—

JIM LEHRER: Did you hear from Michael Hayden anything that made you believe that he knows what needs to be fixed at the CIA now?

MARK LOWENTHAL: I think he indicated some of the things....

And he also talked about you have to have room for descents.

When you've sunk as low as the CIA, there's not much room for descents. I hope there's a Plan B.

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