Saturday, May 20, 2006


In religion Left is Right

The Washington Post's front-pager declaring that "the religious left is back" appears to take a very broad view of "the Left"—

The recently formed Network of Spiritual Progressives is holding a four-day conference that began Wednesday at All Souls Church in Northwest Washington. A thousand participants from 39 states are discussing a new "Spiritual Covenant for America" and spent Thursday visiting their members of Congress.

The United States already has a covenant. It's called the Constitution.

Lerner, the California-based rabbi who founded the network, said the conference is partly aimed at countering an aversion to religion among secular liberals and "the liberal culture" of the Democratic Party.

I thought that was what the Right was trying to do. Silly me.

"I can guarantee you that every Democrat running for office in 2006 and 2008 will be quoting the Bible and talking about their most recent experience in church," he said.
That's something to look forward to. Also,
The Democratic Faith Working Group [plans] to "work with our fellow Democrats and get them comfortable with faith issues."

Faith issues? The Congress is turning into a damned seminary.

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