Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Today's links

I do so much reading. I save the articles and vow I'm going to write about them; then the next day's batch of reading starts and I haven't written a word. So to ease my guilt I'm going to start a daily post—well really, a somewhat-daily post—putting up the links I know I'm not going to get around to. If I do this right, most of the links will be different from those you'll find on sites such as Buzzflash that specialize in providing links.

2:14 pm

Judith Miller's back. She did such a fine job of propagandizing the public on Iraqi WMD for the NY Times that the Wall Street Journal has her writing about WMD in Libya, North Korea and ... you guessed it! ... Iran.

Cartoonist Keith Robinson wanted to run a little ad featuring a cartoon of Mohammad in the Reuben Journal, published each year for the National Cartoonists Society (NCS) meeting. The editor said "Hell no!" Robinson is running this instead.

No more photos of women to be allowed in Saudi publications. "They could make young men go astray." If this keeps up Saudi men are going to be holding more than hands. This is not a new issue for the Saudis. (See my post "Encouraging wassatiya in the schools" from June 2004. It was one of my first posts, and it's been downhill ever since.)

"The main difference is that in the States sexual activity is considered a risk. Here we consider it a pleasure." The Swiss really are very strange, aren't they. A pleasure? Imagine that! Don't the women there realize they're pre-pregnant?

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