Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Women's Lib Republican style

Florida's Katherine Harris, who did her part to throw the election to George Bush in the 2000 election, has been left dangling in the wind by the Bushes as she tries to get her feet on the ground to run for Senate in 2006. But Republican women are proving they can be just as corrupt as the men in the party and deserve a spot at the trough.

AP photo: Schrenko before and after
Today Linda Schrenko, former Georgia state school superintendent, interrupted her trial to plead guilty to one count each of money laundering and fraud. The $600,000 she embezzled went partly to cosmetic surgery, which should serve her well. She agreed to an 8-year prison term.

Greg Bluestein of the AP writes that—

Prosecutors said Schrenko stole federal education money to underwrite her 2002 campaign for governor, cosmetic surgery and other extras, including a television, computer and a down payment on a car.

Schrenko became school superintendent in 1994, making history as the first woman elected to a statewide, nonjudicial post in Georgia, and one of the highest-ranking Republicans in a state that had been dominated by Democrats since Reconstruction.

She was re-elected in 1998, then decided against re-election in favor of a bid to unseat Democrat Gov. Roy Barnes. She lost the GOP primary to Sonny Perdue, who went on to beat Barnes.

Republicans can be proud of the steps they've taken to bring women to full equality.

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