Friday, June 23, 2006


Advertisement of the Day

The surprising thing about the Crucifixion of Jesus is that it ever became a subject for art in the first place. The early Christians never drew it on the walls in the catacombs. Crucifixion is a disgusting thing, much worse than hanging, and who would represent a much-loved figure dangling blue-faced in a noose? —Unattributed story in the Daily Telegraph

Or for that matter, who could have imagined that this picture could sell shoes?

This Nike ad featuring soccer star Wayne Rooney has the British media abuzz. They're reassuring the public that the image is not that of a bloody but defiant Jesus on the cross.

Of course it isn't. It's an athlete made to look like a bloody asshole, which he probably is.

Nike doesn't care. They just want you to notice that little thingy on the right.


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