Sunday, June 04, 2006


Religious Conversions of the Day

Speaking of the Swedes—

A hundred years ago we were Christians. Today we are file sharers. —Henrik Ponten, lawyer for Antipiratbyran, "a Swedish antipiracy organization financed by the movie and games industries," as reported by Ivar Ekman

And speaking of conversions, there's a rumor going 'round that British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been considering a conversion to Roman Catholicism.

Saturday's meeting between Blair and the Pope can only heighten the speculation. They were said to have discussed faith and terror, which seem connected somehow.

Blair's wife Cherie, a devout Roman Catholic herself, was let in at the end of the meeting. No word whether Blair kissed His Holiness' ring. But no matter what her husband was kissing Cherie must have been delighted to know that for once it wasn't George Bush's ass.

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