Thursday, June 08, 2006


Torture is always simply appalling

Yesterday Elendil left a comment inviting Simply Appalling to join her blogroll in support of Torture Awareness Month. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other non-governmental organizations have selected this month to heighten awareness of torture. The month of June was chosen in support of June 26, the "International Day in Support of Survivors and Victims of Torture," designated by the United Nations.

I'm pleased to add this blog to the list of Bloggers Against Torture. I've placed the list of participating blogs just after the Archives. Give them a visit, and if you are a blogger, please lend your support by joining.

Meanwhile, I've searched through earlier posts related to torture. Here's the short list. I've re-read them all and stand by them—

Evidence from torture OK, says the government (12/2/04)
Early warning on Guantánamo torture from the FBI (12/6/04)
Uncivil aviation (12/28/04)
Dirty propaganda in a "Dirty War" (2/24/05)
Why are we torturing people? (4/4/05)
U.S. to U.N.: Visit Guantánamo but don't touch (4/7/05)
Language matters (5/26/05)
Sunday's meditation on Tuesday: Religion, torture and law (8/9/05)
The emperor's fig leaves (12/16/05)
Assisting the CIA in torture? Prove it! (2/27/06)
Catch-22 of the Day (3/4/06)
While waiting for the civil war ... (3/6/06)
Press suppression in Spain (3/13/06)
Al Gore: "I would not have imagined ...." (6/1/06)


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