Friday, June 30, 2006


Understatement of the Day

Utah's 5-term Representative from the 3rd District, Chris Cannon, won a primary Tuesday against challenger John Jacob. Cannon had already voted to make felons out of undocumented workers, but his support for Bush's guest-worker program allowed Jacob to portray him as "soft" on illegal immigration. Cannon's position also drew the ire of Team America, which poured in $40,000 worth of radio ads to criticize him.

But there were other issues—

Last week, Jacob imprudently told the Salt Lake Tribune that he thought Satan was responsible for recent business reverses that prevented him from putting as much of his own money into his campaign as he had intended. Even in a very religious district -- the Utah Third is the home of Brigham Young University and probably has the highest percentage of Mormons of any congressional district in the United States -- that probably made him sound a little wacky. —Michael Barone in his blog for U.S. News & World Report

Probably? A little? What does it take in Utah to sound really wacky? Just wondering.


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