Friday, July 14, 2006


Freedom of speech and "Redwatch"

I've written two posts recently concerning the Polish neofascist website "Redwatch" and the FBI's cooperation with the Polish government to have it removed from a server in Arizona. Whether by happenstance or conspiracy, Frank Fisher, one of the Guardian bloggers, decided today to mull over the rights of Redwatch in Britain. It's worth a read, and the conclusion, so far as it goes, is unassailable—

Censorship is easy; free speech, like everything underpinning democracy, is hard. Standing alongside neo-Nazis would be anathema to most people; even defending animal libbers' rights is a step too far for many. But start accepting the principle of "privileged" information - legal for some to possess and use, illegal for others - and the sphere of acceptable activism shrinks dramatically. The Nazis would have loved that.

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