Friday, September 01, 2006


The Corrupt Bastards Club

The FBI/IRS raids at some 20-odd Alaskan sites included the offices of at least 6 Alaskan Republican lawmakers and one Democrat. The purpose of the raids is to investigate ties between the legislators and Veco, "an Anchorage-based oil field services and construction company whose executives are major contributors to political campaigns." It should be like clubbing baby seals in a bathtub.

But I was fascinated to learn that the search warrants specifically mentioned hats or garments labeled “Corrupt Bastards Club” or “Corrupt Bastards Caucus.” Please, Jesus, let it be so! And let them be found! One of the offices raided was that of Alaska Senate President Ben Stevens, son of Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens—Republicans all.

Is it merely a coincidence that an "outsider" U.S. attorney from Pennsylvania was appointed for Alaska just last week? The appointment was said to have left Sen. Stevens "steamed," because he had wanted an Alaskan crony in the post.

Writing on another Alaskan scandal, Stephen Taufen of the Groundswell Fisheries Movement applauded the appointment of the new Attorney General and compared Senator Ted Stevens to California's criminal representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Taufen makes a devastating accusation against a sitting federal judge—

For many years, Groundswell has been asking federal special agents from multiple agencies for assistance in ensuring that Alaska gets a new US AG who is not part of the Alaska crony and political damage control system. We suspected something was seriously wrong when former U.S. attorney general Timothy Burgess failed to prosecute the Adak Crab Allocation perjury charges, after Larry Davison and I filed a federal petition in 2003. And amazingly, Burgess soon got a judgeship.

It appears there are enough corrupt Republican bastards in Alaska to keep the Justice Department busy for years.

Taufen ends on a happy note—

Groundswell's advice is that Ted should be out buying new stationary, and the return address should say Cellblock 666, Leavenworth County, Kansas.

Can it be that another Republican Senator's seat soon may be up for grabs?


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