Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Gay "preference" and the French police

According to Têtu, the French national police (Police Nationale) have just had a stiff rule inserted into their rulebook that says "the police should have absolute respect for all people whatever their nationality, ... or their sexual preference." But the gay police association Flag! feels the change hasn't really been responsive to their demands. The association is demanding a different formulation: "... whatever their sexual orientation or their gender identity." They say the term "preference" tends to make one think that being homosexual is a choice. And besides, transsexuals were just "forgotten."

Flag! is asking the Minister of the Interior to review and modify the rule by decree. On the other hand, the organization is patting itself on the back for a new prohibition of homophobic tracts or publications on police premises. [portions of the above are a Simply Appalling translation]


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