Friday, September 22, 2006


We have a winner! Get your stock tips here!

One of the entertainments of blogging (and there aren't many) is to discover that you have produced a post so compelling that it has been linked by someone on Mars—or at least by someone, say, at a right-wing website or forum. But two weeks ago Simply Appalling began to receive hits from a page of Google Finance, a Google service previously unknown to Yours Truly.

I had written a little post titled "Military-Industrial Bonanza of the Day" concerning a large government border-security contract up for grabs.

I had proposed investing in all four American defense contractors but then narrowed it to the likely winner, Boeing. Before you could call your broker, Google had a link to the post on the summary page for Boeing stock—right there with the charts and graphs and news announcements.

I'm happy to report that yesterday, as predicted, Boeing was awarded the border security contract and will be building a "virtual fence" along the southern border consisting of surveillance towers and sensitive cameras that will photograph newly arrived immigrants. The Dept. of Homeland Security also has plans to extend the fence to the border with Canada where presumably they will photograph those attempting to leave.

To all who benefitted from the advice: No thanks necessary. Just send money.

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