Thursday, December 21, 2006


First of the Day

This past Thursday—

Tony Blair ... became the first serving prime minister to be interviewed as part of a criminal investigation when Scotland Yard officers running the "cash for peerages" inquiry questioned him for two hours in Downing Street. —Patrick Wintour, Vikram Dodd and Will Woodward writing in "Police quiz Blair inside Downing St on peerages"

"Paleoconservative" columnist Peter Oborne writes

Tony Blair, ... whatever the result of the current police investigation - is now certain to go into history as one of the most disreputable, duplicitous and dishonest Prime Minister[s] in British history.
Unfortunately for Blair's well-deserved place in the halls of historical infamy, he will forever be o'ershadowed by his American partner, the Presidential Nincompoop and National Embarrassment George Bush.

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