Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Simply Appalling detritus

I read so much news that invites comment, but for which I will never find the time. The result is a monitor cluttered with opened web pages that sit there expectantly awaiting a decision. As days go by the clutter grows until it eventually bring either the computer or my browser to its knees.

So I've decided to include a post from time to time of sparsely commented links to rid myself of these meddlesome news items. Yes, I know it sounds as if Simply Appalling is getting into the news aggregator business, and in a sense it's true. But there are some very good aggregators on the web with resources I lack, so I won't be competing with them for your attention.

For the most part the links will be the "detritus" accumulated by a contrarian who must watch so much interesting news disappear without reflection or comment in the torrent of the mainstream media, where gushing over dead Presidents is preferred to questioning live ones.


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