Friday, January 05, 2007


Cuisine de passion

Maybe the prison guards were enjoying one of those relaxed lunches for which the French are famous. How else to explain that without anyone noticing a prisoner could strike a fellow inmate "with his fists and feet, then used scissors and a razor on him before finally suffocating him with a plastic bag"? I say "lunch," but it may have been dinner, because the poor fellow was quite hungry after all that exertion. He proceeded to carve off portions of the victim's lung and some muscle tissue for a feast worthy of Hannibel Lecter, if there had been any mushrooms.

The assailant claimed to have eaten the heart of his victim, but he was either lying or ignorant because that organ was untouched. It's just as well; heart muscle is quite tough unless properly marinated.

It's odd how news can affect you. Now I feel inspired to post a Poem of the Day and consider what's for dinner.

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