Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Praise the Lord! Jim Bakker's back and he wants your money

The other day I went channel-surfing and thought I'd fallen into a time warp when televangelist Jim Bakker popped up on the tube. I'd assumed he was either dead or running a prison program. I won't repeat what Jerry Falwell said about him because it wouldn't be Christian.

I missed the beginning of the show and didn't stay for the end, but Bakker was talking about money—some of its finer theological points, to be exact.

Long divorced from Tammy Faye, Bakker is now paired with his daughter Lori, who could use a little eye makeup.

Correction – 9/25/07: The first commenter is correct. Lori Bakker is Jim's wife, not his daughter. I've also changed the link to Lori. The original link went to Jim Bakker's site, but the page is no longer there.


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