Monday, January 01, 2007


Shushing Saddam

The execution of Saddam Hussein before he could be tried on more serious charges deeply angered the Kurds, who wanted to see him prosecuted for genocide, to be followed by a good old-fashioned boiling in oil. But the very reasons for which the Kurds wanted Saddam spared for further trials appear to be the very reasons for which he had to be dispatched so quickly.

The day of the execution Britain's Kurdish Media published several pleas to bring Saddam to trial including this by Pir Aso Yarsani—

Saddam’s execution now is unfair, illegal and thus a traitorous plan against the Kurdish nation. Do not let Americans and the Shiites in Iraq to execute Saddam now or in the coming days for mainly three important reasons; (1) Kurds and the rest of the civilized world are awaiting for a final verdict on the widely well-known Kurdish genocide (2) to investigate many unanswered questions such as the shares or multi-roles of foreign powers in his crimes (3) Kurds will see a legal international paper which recognizes the Kurdish genocide and describes in detail what, how and when the Iraqi government will compensate the families of victims.

Reasons (2) and (3) alone are sufficient to explain the unseemly haste in killing Saddam. Not only did the U.S. wish to spare itself the embarrassment of having its complicity in the crimes of Saddam Hussein revealed, but it also wanted to avoid future demands by Kurds for compensation. Hence an abrupt end to the proceedings was mandatory.

Simply Appalling expected as much.

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