Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Granny of the Day

I'm going to go on medicating. The police can come to my house every week. I'll give them a cup of tea. I'll give them a decent biscuit, which of course will be medicated and I'll give them some cannabis so they charge me again and again and again. —Patricia Tabram after her conviction for breaching a previous suspended sentence for marijuana possession, as quoted by the BBC

"Granny" Tabram defended herself at trial but may have had a wee toke before the proceedings began. According to ITV—

Tabram ... sent Carlisle Crown Court into chaos after she revealed a cannabis stash she took into court hidden in her bra had gone missing.

She told Judge Barbara Forrester she wanted to use it as evidence and it had been stolen. It later turned up in her handbag.

It's so easy to forget where you put things.


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