Friday, July 04, 2008


Proposal of the Day: Crist in love

Gov. Charlie Crist won't be sleeping alone in the governor's mansion much longer ... —ABC News reporting in "Wedding Bells For Top GOP Veep Pick"

Yes, it's true. The nation's only celibate governor, Charlie Crist, has proposed to wed more times
Charlie and Carole, a fairytale romance
—photo from The Buzz
than most Americans have promised to send in their late mortgage payments, so I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised at the announcement yesterday that Crist would be marrying the willowy Carole Rome.

The date hasn't been set but "the couple is discussing a fall ceremony." That would place it within the narrow time frame from September 22 until the November 4 election day if the nuptials are to be held in the torrid and passionate heat of the Presidential campaign. Or any time after November 4, when the engagement can be safely called off.

While Crist has spoken with enthusiasm of the bride-to-be, I cannot find any quotes offering a similar effusion from Rome herself. Perhaps he mispoke. Crist's parents are said to be "ecstatic," which is another way of saying "relieved."

For Crist to take the big step of proposing to take the big step I can only assume that he has received word that the Vice Presidential nomination is awaiting him in bed if he can only find a third party to share it with—anyone other than a Log Cabin Republican, that is.

In any case Rome promises to be the perfect campaign ornament. As heiress to a company that wholesales Halloween costumery I hope there will be no unkind speculation as to what she will wear on her wedding day. For me I can't escape the striking
Lisa-Marie and Jocko in happier times
—photo from CNN
resemblance between Rome and Lisa-Marie Presley and wonder if their tastes might not be similar.

If McCain is to have any chance of being the next President, he must win Florida or ask the White House to stage a terrorist attack. All things being equal he would probably prefer to win Florida although a successful campaign may very well require both.

Imagine a campaign that offers the public nothing more than Charlie Crist, al-Qaeda and offshore oil-drilling! Well, you don't have to imagine because that's what's on at the movies this week.

In addition to his show of prenuptial courage, Crist has also seen the error of his commitment to protecting Florida's condom-strewn beaches from a tide of unrefined crude. Can anyone still wonder who will be McCain's pick for Vice President?

While Barack Obama scurries about looking for a man with a rocket in his pocket, McCain needs someone to demonstrate his softer side. He might have pandered by picking a woman as his running mate, but Charlie Crist looks to be the perfect compromise.

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