Sunday, July 12, 2009


Reader Comment of the Day: What Europe needs

What Europe needs now, more than ever, is a strong and charismatic leader, preferably with some military experience, who can [bring] together the different factions in society. He must be able to appeal to both sides - the nationalists who put country first and the socialists who put people first. I'd call them Social Nationalists or some such.

He would espouse popular causes and instigate large building programmes like motorways to create jobs AND rebuild the military to restore national pride and security.

Perhaps some kind of national organisation for voluntary service, recreation and sports would help create a real sense of national pride and a community spirit. There would be a youth wing to prevent the young feeling disenfranchised - maybe with uniforms. A little discipline never did the young any harm.

What do you think?

—Phillip Atherton's comment to "The unemployment timebomb is quietly ticking" (edited for spelling and readability)

Fortunately for the U.S., we have most of these elements already in place.


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